MobileLink App: Download for Android and How To Place a Call.

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Download for Android:



1. Select the Play Store icon on your Android device


2. Tap the Search (magnifying glass) icon, then type “MobileLink”


3. In the results window, select “Broadsoft Mobile Link” (Broadsoft, Inc.)


4. Tap “Install,” then “Accept & Download”


5. Once installed, launch the app and accept the end user license agreement.


6. The Call Settings page will open automatically. Enter the following information:



a. User Name: Your User Name provided by IPFone support

b. Password: Your password provided by IPFone support

c. Telephone #: Your mobile number (Example: 305-555-1212)

d. Server URL: (be sure to enter this manually)





7. Select ‘Login’


8. ‘Accept’ End-User License Agreement



Note: ‘Remote Office’ will be automatically enabled once you login and activate MobileLink. When Remote Office is turned on, calls to your DID will only ring on your cell phone. To restore calls to your desk phone, you will need to enter your user profile and disable Remote Office.




Placing a call: Android



1. Select “Callling Option” (Note: if you select “Use System Default Dialer” and not the ‘’Use MobileLink Call Back” option, your personal mobile phone number will be used and NOT your business identity)


2. Enter phone number(Example: 781-555-1212 or extension dial 1212)


3. Tap “Call” 4. Select “Answer” when your phone rings. Your call will be connected with your business DID.

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