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In order to create a new ticket click on Create/Ticket


Then complete all the fields in the following order:

Service is a field you do not need to fill.



1- Priority: you can choose the priority of your ticket based on the level of urgency you have (this works more as a suggestion, the priority can always be recategorised by the system administrator).



2- Type: This dropdown menu shows you all the existing Ticket Types so you can choose the one that fits what you are reporting.



3- Customer Contact: By clicking this field you will be shown a dropdown menu with a list of all the contacts already saved for your account, in case you find the contact already saved you can select it and that will auto-populate the field number 4.



4- In case you do not find your contact under the Customer Contact dropdown list you can always complete it manually (you Must include a valid e-mail address and phone number).



5- Description: This field allows you to explain with details either your request or incident report. Remember to be very thorough when writing your description so our technicians have all the information they need since the first moment. Here you can include additional information like best contact hours, address of your premisses, etc.



6- Attachments: You can also attach a wide variety of files to the ticket like, pictures, screenshots or documents. This will help our tech to identify the issue more efficiently.



You must open the Additional Information tab and tell the system wether you want to receive SMS mobile updates from your ticket or not (please have in mind that by default you receive an e-mail for every update on your ticket, this option works as an additional way to receive updates via SMS)



Once you have completed everything click on Submit Ticket and you will be prompted with a message saying that your ticket has been created successfully:



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