EasyPBX Communicator PC: Installation and configuration.

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How to Install “EasyPBX Communicator” in your PC.



Step 1: Download “EasyPBX Communicator” Software.


According to your operating system, you can download the App following these links below:


EasyPBX Software for PBXware 5:


EasyPBX Software for PBXware 4:



Contact our support to check which one you need.



Step 2: Install Communicator Software.



Go to your Download’s Folder double click in the “EasyPBX Communicator installer’ icon” or “Right Click > Open” and follow the instructions below:



Step 3: Configuration “EasyPBX Communicator” Software.



Ensure that you have your credentials before you launch the “EasyPBX Communicator”:



  • If you already have the App on your cellular phone, the credentials will be the same.
  • If you don’t have the App on your phone, and you don’t have access to the EasyPBX web portal, you need to receive the credentials by email from our support team.
  • If you have access to the EasyPBX web portal, follow these instructions:



Go to the EasyPBX web portal and click on Extensions, look for the specific Extension you want to set up and copy the information you need like this:






User: eperaza@ipfone.com

Pass: ZTYa5!F%dcss6C8j

Server: epbx.isncom.net



Open the EasyPBX Communicator in your PC and follow the instructions bellow:




Tip: Try a new password easy to remember and check the password strength bar before you press OK.



And your “EasyPBX Communicator” will be installed and configured successfully.

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