How to Connect your Phone at Home

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To utilize your office phone at your home you must first review some requirements below:



  1. Take all the cables that the phone has connected in the back (Power Adapter, Ethernet cable) with you and if it is the case that the phone only has the Ethernet cable, you need to ask your IT person to provide you a Power adapter to get your phone working at home.
  2. You need to check if your phone is configured to work from home, these are the ways to check and confirm it’s ready:


Polycom:  Menu > Settings > Status > Lines



Cisco:   Menu > Status > Phone Status > Line Status > Line 1 Status



Yealink:   Call Support (866-573-5300).



If you see the Server / Proxy: and you can take your phone directly to your home. Otherwise call support at 866-573-5300 to have our support team change the registration of your phone (Before you take it home) Otherwise it could delay the support process.



  1. Once at home, plug the power supply into the power outlet and is very important to choose the correct port on the back to connect the phone directly to your ISP modem.


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