MobileLink App: Overview and Features

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MobileLink Overview:


MobileLink is a simple non-VoIP client that enables end-users to make and receive calls over their existing cellular service using their business identity. Users can dial and manage calls from their personal smartphones just as they would from their office desk phone, including tracking calls, picking up business voicemail, managing personal settings, and more. MobileLink is available through the major mobile application stores and can be installed on Android, and iOS devices.


Once installed, users can perform the following functions through the MobileLink client:



1 Make and receive voice calls over the public mobile network using their business identity.



2 Access their call history, for all call activity linked to their business line.



3 Search their Enterprise Directory, Exchange Global Address List (GAL), and Outlook contacts as well as their local phone directory for contacts. Users can easily click on a contact in their search results to originate a call.



4 Manage their network service settings, such as multiple flavors of call forwarding, Do Not Disturb, Caller ID Blocking, Anywhere, Simultaneous Ring, and Sequential Ring.



MobileLink Features:



Enterprise Search Directory



The MobileLink application allows the user to search for contacts in a number of different locations. More specifically, depending on the mobile platform and the user’s native device settings, a search can be performed against their local phone contact list, their Enterprise Directory, Exchange Global Address List, and Outlook contacts.



Note: enterprise contacts are not synchronized with the phone. A live search is performed to find the best match stored in the Enterprise Directory.



Call History



The MobileLink application allows the user to view their call history for all calls on their business line. To do this, MobileLink downloads the latest call history stored on the user’s profile. This includes business calls made on their mobile phone in addition to their desk phone.



1 Calls originated through the Call-Through or Call Back service are logged and accessible via the Call History tab.



2 The call history can be filtered by all or missed calls. Each call record includes type (answered, missed, and placed/outgoing), time and date, telephone number, and name (if available).



3 Users can easily click on a phone number in their call history to originate a call.



Service Management:


The MobileLink application allows the user to configure the following services if these are assigned to their user profile:


Call Forwarding Not Reachable

Call Forwarding No Answer

Call Forwarding Busy

Call Forwarding Always

Do Not Disturb

Remote Office

Caller ID Blocking


Simultaneous Ring

Sequential Ring

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